Xinxiang Yongmao Fertilizer Factory

Xinxiang Yongmao Fertilizer Factory in Henan province mainly produces water-soluble trace element fertilizers that can be applied for staple crop production. Its annual output has reached over 1,000 tons and its products have been given a lot of tests in fields and showed marked results. The products have proven effective in control of many diseases and nutrient supply in their application.

Agricultural modernization

China will improve the quality and competitiveness of its agricultural products through high-quality farmland and professional farmers catering to the demands of modern agriculture.

At least 53 million hectares of high-quality farmland will be created by 2020, which will be highly productive to ensure stable yields, be cultivated in an environmentally-friendly manner and able to withstand floods and droughts.

Training for farmers, increased investment in technology, modernization of the seed sector and diverse business entities and models will increase the pace of change.

Production structure must meet diverse consumption demand with enterprises encouraged to “go overseas” to balance exports and imports.

Chinese TV drama grips Argentine audiences

A poster of Nirvana in Fire. [Photo/Mtime]

A month since China’s TV series Nirvana in Fire debuted in Argentina, the viewers here have been hooked on the romantic period drama.

Based on a historical novel of the same name, the series has ignited enthusiasm to learn more about China’s history and culture.

Viewers were gripped by the tale of a young man who sets out to vindicate his family’s honor amid warring rival dynasties in sixth-century China.

The program marks the first time America TV has aired a show that is “so distinct” from the ordinary contents of the network, and it has been so well-received by the public, said Liliana Parodi, who is in charge of programming for America TV.

Nirvana in Fire has generated hundreds of comments on social networks, “not just from members of the Chinese community, but from many Argentinians,” said Mercedes Demasi, a representative of Argentine production agency Integra Industrias Culturales.

The series has something for everyone, from court intrigue to romance, from lush landscapes to elaborate royal costumes, all offering a window into Chinese customs, lifestyles and ways of thinking, she added.

Angie Behrmann, an Argentine painter who specializes in Chinese calligraphy, said she watched the series to practice her Chinese, but was fascinated by the story and the way it was told.

“The production level had me gripped. Everything is really well done. The plot is exceptional, it is really well written. Everything that takes place is so exciting,” she said.

The painter said she has learned more about Chinese culture and gotten to know different places in China thanks to the series. “The country was opened up to me. It’s as if I were to show you Argentina through a series.”

“I liked it a lot because I learned a ton about the culture, the right way to address people, how to speak, what to do, what not to do, how they think differently. It was very enriching to see the series,” she added.